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Stella Appreciation Award for Most Foolish In the U.S. Claims

Did you know? An award named Stella Award is given to the most stupid claims in the U.S.. They got a big compensation for their own stupid actions. The name itself comes from the Stella Award Stella Liebeck.

81-year-old grandmother was spilling McDonald’s coffee is bought in to her own body. Liebeck bring a lawsuit against McDonald’s and won the case. The case inspired the Stella to make this award. The candidates for the Stella awards are:

1. Kathleen Robertson of Texas. Robertson won damages from the jury of $ 780,000 after he made a claim against a furniture store. Robertson claimed the shop for a broken ankle after tripping boys who are running around in the shop. Furniture store owner was very surprised on the decision, and looking at boys who stumbled on it are Robertson children.

2. Carl Truman of Los Angeles. Man 19-year-old won damages of $ 74,000 and the cost of health care after a neighbor’s hand with a Honda Accord run over. Truman does not seem to realize that their neighbors are Accord owners are holding the steering wheel of the car when Truman tried to steal the car wheels.

3. Terrence Dickson of Bristol, Pennsylvania. Dickson was trying to leave the house he had just sacked the garage through the door. However, he can not make an automatic garage door that opens to the door because it is damaged. Dickson also can not return home because when he closed the door connecting the garage to the house, the door is locked automatically.

Since the owner family was on holiday, Dickson stuck in the garage for eight days and survived by drinking Pepsi and eating a food dog that he found in the garage. Dickson claim against the owner of the house and claimed that the incident resulted in him suffering from a great mental disorder. The jury agreed to provide $ 500,000 for Dickson.

4. Jerry Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas. He won $ 14,500 damages and costs of medical treatment after being bitten by a dog neighbors. The dog itself was cuffed in front of a neighbor’s house. Eligible for the award given to Williams. The jury believes that the dog was probably little affected by the action of William who was then shot the dog with a air rifle several times.

5. Amber Carson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A Philadelphia restaurant was ordered to pay a total of $ 113,500 in Carson after he fell into a puddle of soft drinks that causes bones broken arm. The drink is on the floor because Carson throws a drink at her boyfriend during a fight last 30 minutes.

6. Kara Walton of Delaware. Walton managed to make a claim against a night club when he fell to the floor of the toilet window of the night club. The incident causing two front teeth Walton broke. The incident happened when he tried to slip through the toilet window to avoid paying the cover charge of $ 3.50. He given a compensation of  U.S. $ 12,000 and dental expenses.

AND the winner is:

Merv Grazinsky of Oklahoma City. In November 2001, Grazinsky Winnebago buy a car caravan along about 9 meters. In his first trip to the house, he was on the highway, listening to the radio while driving at a speed of 70 mph. Then simply, Grazinsky leaving the bench behind the driver to make a cup of coffee.

Not surprisingly, the vehicle is out of the road and then collided. Grazinsky claim against the Winnebago for not mentioning in the user manual that the vehicle can not do that. He received compensation of $ 1,750,000 plus a new Winnebago. As a result of this case, Winnebago eventually changed his manual guides.

Translate by Google Translator. I’m too lazy, so just copy paste. And please, don’t complain about grammar.

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